The famous poet’s translator stopped working after being criticized – he was “too white”

American poet Amanda Gormans achieved great success with the poem “The Hill We Walk” at President Joe Biden’s inauguration earlier this year. The publisher, who will publish the poem in book form in the Netherlands, has now been criticized after the announcement Acclaimed Author It was Marek Lucas Reinfeld who translated the poem into Dutch.

Journalist and activist Janice Deol criticizes the elections in the Dutch newspaper Volkswagen Krant He writes that it is “an incomprehensible choice in my opinion and many others have expressed their pain, frustration, anger and disappointment on social media.” Deul believes that Amanda Gorman’s work and life have been colored by her experiences and identity as a black woman and wonders why publisher Meulenhoff chose a white and non-binary translator like Rijneveld rather than a young, female and black spoken word artist instead. .

Understand those who feel hurt

As the youngest author ever, Marek Lucas Reinfeld won the International Booker Prize last year, and was widely acclaimed both internationally and by Sweden for her novel An Upset in the Evening.

Rijnfeld first welcomed the task of translating Amanda Gorman’s poetry, but then announced that she had chosen to leave the job:

I was shocked by the uproar surrounding my participation in spreading Amanda Gorman’s message and I understand those who have been harmed by Mullenhoff’s choice to ask me. I have happily dedicated myself to translating Amanda’s work and saw her as the greatest task of preserving her strength, tone and style. But I realize that I am in a position to think and feel that way. While many are not. “

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Publisher Meulenhoff says that Rijneveld’s decision to resign was a decision of Rijneveld, and that Gorman, 22, had chosen the 29-year-old Rijneveld himself because he was a young writer who broke up early.

We want to learn from this through speaking, and we’ll go a different path based on new ideas, says publisher general manager Mike Law Noble Watchman.

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