The European Union Committee of Ministers considered the EU report presented by the government

The European Union Committee of Ministers, at its meeting on Friday 22 January, discussed the Prime Minister’s report on EU policy. The report was prepared in several thematic discussions at previous meetings of the Committee of Ministers. The report outlines European Union policy in Finland. The report will be made public when it is approved at the government’s general meeting.

The European Union Committee of Ministers also discussed the national ratification of EU decisions related to private resources. Mobilizing the EU’s recovery tools requires ratification of the Special Resources Decision in all member states. The aim is to present a government bill on this to the Swedish parliament after the prime minister’s public meeting next week.

The European Union Committee of Ministers has also received a progress report on cooperation in the near future with the United Kingdom within the framework of the European Union, particularly within the framework of the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

The meeting also discussed the communications of the Commission and the High Representative on strengthening relations between the European Union and the United States. The Committee of European Union Ministers stressed that the close relations between the European Union and the United States are important to Finland, and considered that the change of government in the United States provides a good opportunity to strengthen relations and promote common values ​​and interests at the global level. level. The Committee of Ministers noted that the priorities identified in the communication, including cooperation on promoting climate change, sustainable development, health and democracy, human rights and the rule of law, are in line with Finland’s goals and provide a sound basis for further action.

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The European Union Ministers’ Committee also defined Finland’s positions for the following meetings:
• Foreign Affairs Council on January 25
• An informal video conference with the Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries on January 25th
• An informal videoconference with Interior Ministers on January 28th
• An informal videoconference with Ministers of Justice on January 29th.

The main topic of the Foreign Affairs Council meeting is climate and energy diplomacy. The ministers intend to adopt conclusions that will guide the work of the European Union towards third countries in order to increase their level of ambition regarding climate change. The foreign ministers will also speak with the Japanese foreign minister via video link. In addition, they will discuss cooperation between the European Union and the United Kingdom on foreign, security and defense policy.

The Portuguese Presidency will present its program of work in a video conference of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries. In addition, the ministers are discussing fisheries relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom. The authority also provides an overview of international trade in agricultural products.

The Home Affairs Ministers continue the debate on reform of the EU’s migration and asylum policy. The ministers will also discuss the future of the Schengen area and Europe.

The ministers of justice will discuss the protection of adults at risk, the criminal law protection of intellectual property rights and the relationship between counterfeiting and organized crime. The meeting will also address the development of European e-justice and the challenges associated with digital digitization.

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more information: Jari Luoto, Deputy Minister of State to the Prime Minister for European Affairs, Tel: +358 50 468 5949, Tuulia Pitkänen, Special Officer (European Union Affairs), tel +358 95160231, Kare Halonen, Minister of State for European Union Affairs, tel. Matters, Tel 040 537 0733, Prime Minister’s Office

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