The Epic Games Store will have 160 million users by 2020

56 million people were active in December.

Despite feeling upset about Epic and their business, the company’s strategy attracted large numbers of users. Now they have it Summarization 2020 in numbers, and we know there are 160 million accounts on the Epic Games Store.

Of course, many have been tempted to subscribe to the fact that Epic gives out one game per week on a continuous basis. In 2020 it was GTA V game Older name, but also Civ 6, Elite Dangerous, Alien: Isolation, Metro: Redux, Farming Sim 19, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection And the Horizons of cities It is said that it attracted people. A total of 103 games were donated during the year, and users claimed over 749 million free games.

In December, the service had over 56 million active users, and over the entire year, $ 700 million, $ 5.85 billion was spent on the Epic Store.

The 2021 plans look like this:

What will happen in 2021?
Much of the development work this year is focused on opening the store to developers who want to post titles to the store. We want a seamless experience for developers looking to bring their titles to the Epic Games Store. This unlocks the ability for Epic Games Store customers to buy the games they want, when they want, while developers enjoy dividing the dividends more fairly.

We are working on improving existing features such as wish lists and achievements in 2021. A key priority is to release more community-oriented features that provide a more personalized experience.

Here’s a quick look at the features we’re working on:

  • Wishlist improvements

  • Social reform

  • Achievements

  • Player Profiles

  • 🤔🛒❓

Epic launched its store in December 2018, and it quickly gained a lot of attention. Partly because they took 8 percent of developers to sell their games on Epic (Steam and others accounted for up to 30 percent), partly because they donated too many games, and partly because they paid developers to get them to sell games exclusively at Epic. The company has come under fire, but free games appear to be still attracting.

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