The Elden Ring head size comparison video shows that size doesn't really matter

elden ringCompany bosses are as creative as they are intimidating. But how do they collide on a large scale? Modder and YouTuber Garden of Eyes Make a video put elden ringMany terrifying bosses in terms of prestige. They are neatly lined up next to each other, fittingly in a designated battle space – the second stage of the Battle of Reinala, the battle of the bosses of the Queen of the Full Moon.

You may be familiar with Garden of Eyes from another YouTube series, where fighting bosses another one. Although this entry is not dynamic in the same way, it is interesting for similar reasons. elden ring The bosses are amazing, and it’s fun to compare them.

In the video, the player character slowly walks along the row of bosses, to show a sense of scale. It’s a little unpleasant to see them all – they have each handed my ass to me, on many occasions – so close. When fighting in the game, all of them felt larger than life; Especially the earlier presidents like Margit, the omen of the fall, an unwelcome senior companion compared to the little knights, wolves, and wandering nobles you fought before. But Margit managed to look Much Less intimidating compared to others in the lineup.

This video also takes into account how dangerous some elden ringThe relatively smaller bosses are, along with Malinia, the Blade of Miquela near the start of the streak, despite being one of the most formidable foes. Along the same lines, it was realistic to see the absolute greatness of the Elder Dragon Greyoll – the gigantic creature that had been infected by the crimson rot that had killed Caelid for some sweet runes. (I feel a little guilty now, but not guilty enough that I won’t do it again in an additional new game.)

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