The dominant wing of America is shattered – after 13 years

In six tournaments, since the 2006 World Cup, and all the training matches between them, the United States has not been defeated in basketball. But last night, Australia beat the Americans to 52,000 in attendance in Melbourne. Superb match champion Patti Mills, who scored 30 points in total and alone had the last ten points for Australia.

– Mills said after the match it was great.

The United States led 10 in the first half

The match started as planned and led the American team with a draw in the NBA by ten points in the first half, led by Kimba Walker who had 22 points in total.

But this was Patty Mill’s night. After Joe Engels put in the long third with a 3.35 left ahead of the Australian lead at 88-87, the goalkeeper took charge. First, he set up a third goal then placed a penalty kick to create a six-point gap to the Americans, and with eleven seconds remaining, Mills placed a penalty kick to take a four-point lead and decided the match for sure.

A special match for Mills

A special match in many ways for Mills, which was pitted against legendary NBA coach Greg Popovich, captain of the US national team, who coaches Mills at the San Antonio Spurs on a daily basis.

– They are a great team and they have played together for a long time. Harrison Barnes from the United States said after the game that they play a tough form of basketball.

Despite the many NBA stars on the team, the pre-World Cup talk was revolving around several rebels from absolute world officials, including James Harden and Russell Westbrook, to the World Cup squad. And America’s favorite look is swinging before the World Cup premiere on September 1.

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