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The dentist extracts the teeth without proper examination

scienceThe dentist extracts the teeth without proper examination

A dentist in Sollentuna “systematically failed” his exams and was “blatantly incompetent in his professional practice”. This is the opinion of Evo, who after the examination wants to withdraw the identity card of the man’s dentist because it poses a risk to patient safety.

  • Posted at 7:50, June 13, 2021

It was the Swedish Social Insurance Agency that sounded the alarm in January 2020 after several subsequent checks were carried out by the dentist when he requested compensation from the state dental care subsidy.

According to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, there was reason for the Swedish Health and Welfare Inspectorate, Ifo, to supervise the dentist “because there appears to be a clear risk to patient safety”.

Nine patients – nine defects

Evo examined patient records and x-rays of nine of the dentist’s patients – and concluded that there were deficiencies in all cases.

Among other things, the dentist, according to Ivo, “systematically failed” to examine patients before treatment. It must also be “contrary to proven science and experience” that it failed to diagnose and treat patients’ basic diseases such as caries and tooth loss.

In addition, the man “in a manner unsafe for the patient” performed surgical procedures – including tooth extraction – with a future risk but also in many cases “without regard to the increased risk of developing resistance to antibiotics prescribed to patients on the grounds,” states IVO.

The identifier for requests has been revoked

In general, the deficiencies are “extremely serious from a patient safety perspective” according to IVO, which estimates that the dentist was “significantly incompetent in his professional practice.”

The dentist himself states in his opinion that he keeps a record of both the computer program and the hand and that he “treats patients according to existing patient safety rules,” but the opinion does not change the assessment, Ivo explains.

So Ivo, in a decision made at the end of May, demands, in the first place, that the Health and Medical Responsibility Committee, Hssan, revoke the man’s identity as a dentist.

In contrast, Ivo claims that Hsan should impose a three-year probationary period on the dentist so that Ivo can continue his professional practice during that period.

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