The defense ministers of the 10 countries within the JEF meet in Helsinki

Defense Minister Antti Kakkonen will host the Defense Ministers within the JEF (Joint Expeditionary Force) in Helsinki 30.6-1.7.2021. Ministers will also discuss current security issues in the Baltic and Arctic regions. In connection with the meeting, a political organizational document will be signed that will direct the military activities of the center. During the meeting, a scenario-based exercise will also be arranged, during which the decision-making mechanisms of the Fund countries and the conditions for cooperation will be investigated.

“Activities within the JEF focus on the important environments of Finland, the Baltic Sea and the Arctic, and the most important Finnish partner countries are involved in the activities,” said Minister Antti Kakkonen.

The UK-led JEF concept is a multilateral framework for defense cooperation consisting of ten countries – the Netherlands, Iceland, the UK, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia – which Finland joined in the summer of 2017 at the same time as Sweden. JEF was last expanded in April of this year when Iceland became a member.

The purpose of cooperation is to develop the military readiness of the participating countries, prevent various crises and, if necessary, work together in crisis situations. JEF’s primary operating environment is Northern Europe.

The Ministry of Defense provides further information on the meeting by Tatu Mikula, Senior Staff Officer, tel: 0295140 006 and on the contact regarding the meeting of Alexei Koto, Special Expert, tel: 0295140128.

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