The debate is strange and ridiculous

Controversy rages internally within Swedish jogging over whether or not Yankees exist.

To me, that’s strange, almost ridiculous.

When something works as well as a Yankee Wagon, it would be silly to instantly remove it. I actually don’t understand those who want to block it.

The benefits are many. The driver is in good condition, the cart is chasing the horse and is getting faster. This is the reason for the admiration of many active people and singers.

Also, I couldn’t see that the Yankee wagon would wear more on the horse.

Therefore, let the horses you work best with do this.

In the US, the Yankee cart is so popular that it has even ceased to feature it on the show as in the past.

There is no need because I haven’t seen anyone use anything else anymore.

Yankee wagons are the future.

Although I also like regular sulkys.

Of course there are times when regular gear is better.

Ask Jorma Kontio with over 11,000 victories who favors a genius even if he rides in both.

Especially at the start of the volt, the heavier Yankee wagon becomes underweight.

There are no advantages to the heavy track either.

A driver’s weight is more important than what people understand when it comes to Yankee strollers. It is very important that it is almost in the program.

Even for horses that need a side rod, it is preferable to be naive.

Looking back and wanting to reverse is not the first time this has happened.

It was the same when mountain sport came to Sweden.

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Then it was widely said that the mountain could not ride quickly with a gallop.

Today there is hardly a feeling if someone does not.

Even in conservative France, where Yankees are not used today, the young forces are pushing.

Therefore, it is rumored that the French are on the verge of opening up.

At least in autoplay.

Because at the start of the Volt, you don’t get the same Yankee cart effect at all.

Regardless of which country you are driving in. So maybe the ban in voltages is also what we’re getting to in Sweden.

Accident risk then, does anyone wonder?

It is about vision. And I assume no driver sits behind a horse regardless of the cart when he doesn’t see how to drive safely.

I’ve said this before.

Those who play the trot go crazy on restart.

So we need more races with automatic startup. And soon more racing with Yankees.

I watched the Talang entertainment final on TV4 this weekend.

Hope memory professor Martin Nelson is interested in jogging.

Specifically, he thinks the Sport should lease it to print the handicap courses for the V75.

Think about the fun races we’ll have next.

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