The crown prince is expected to be mentioned in a report on Khashoggi’s murder

Jamal Khashoggi disappeared without a trace after a visit to the Saudi consulate on October 2, 2018. On October 19, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after providing several different explanations, acknowledged that Kashoggi had died inside the consulate, but stated that he had died as a result of violent fighting . Since then, Kashoggi’s body has not been found. According to Turkish investigators, he was killed and dismembered in the consulate building.

In 2019, eight people were convicted in a Saudi court of involvement in the murder – which a UN investigator described as a “parody of justice.” In the US report expected to be released on Thursday, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the unofficial leader of Saudi Arabia, is believed to have been identified as responsible for the murder.

At the same time, the documents show this CNN I learned that two private planes that were said to have been used by the people who carried out the killing of Kashoggi belonged to Sky Prime Aviation, which was seized by the Saudi state wealth fund nearly a year before the murder, and over which the crown prince controls.

The lawyer: “Important evidence”

Lawyer Faisal Gil, who is representing Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancĂ©e, says the documents relating to the airline are important clues.

– Mohammed bin Salman wanted to use a company and a fund that he himself controls in the hope that it will not come out, says Jill, and continues:

– In my opinion, it not only has to do with the fact that he is behind the murder, but it also shows that he tried to hide it using an airline that he completely controlled.

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The crown prince denies the allegations but says he, as the leader of Saudi Arabia, is responsible for them.

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