The Chestnut Man - Another Danish Series on Netflix

It’s only been six months since Netflix released the little superhero thriller Equinox.

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Now there is a trailer for a new series called chestnut men.

The series is a character-driven thriller that has roots in the Nordic Noir genre. The series is based on Soren Svestrup’s famous novel of the same name, which has been translated into 28 languages ​​and published in 50 countries.

The press release states the following about the document:

The Chestnut Man takes place in a quiet suburb of Copenhagen, where the police make a terrible discovery on a windy October morning. A young woman was found brutally murdered in a playground and lost one of her hands. Next to it is a small statue made of chestnuts. Aspiring young detective Nia Thulin (Danica Korsic) is given the case with her new partner, Mark Hess (Michael Boy Folsgaard) they soon discover mysterious evidence of the Chestnut Man – evidence that can be linked to politician Rosa Hartung (Dorner’s son), who disappeared a year ago and is considered dead. .

Roles include Danica Curcic (the fogAnd the Equinox(Mikel Boe Volsgaard)guarantyAnd the property relationship), son of Dorner (guaranty), Lars Ranthe (another roundand David DencikChernobylAnd the James Bond “No Time to Die”).

chestnut men It launches globally on Netflix this fall.

chestnut men
Chestnut Men (Image: Netflix)

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