The borders with Denmark and the United Kingdom are closed – North Halland

Specifically, a ban on entry from the United Kingdom means a stopover for all foreigners who wish to travel to Sweden from the United Kingdom.

Requires quarantine and tests

On their way home, Swedes must crown themselves upon arrival in Sweden and then isolate themselves. After five days in Sweden, they will culminate in the exam again. Only those who get a negative result in the second coronation test will be allowed to move freely in Swedish society.

Mikael Damberg
The decision to close the borders with Great Britain and Denmark was announced by Home Minister Mikael Dampberg this afternoon. Photo: Christian Ball / Government Offices

The government foreign office – the Foreign Office – announced this afternoon that it is discouraging people from traveling to the United Kingdom. At the same time, it was announced that all flights from the UK to Sweden will be halted for 48 hours.

Milder rules for Denmark

An entry ban from Denmark means that foreigners wishing to enter Sweden from Denmark directly at the border will be refused. The Swedes are on their way home and people who live in Denmark and who work in Sweden are exempt from the ban.

The entry ban from Denmark is not linked to any requirements for quarantine or coronavirus tests for those allowed to cross the border.

Prohibitions apply until further notice

The flight ban that has been in place for all air travelers from the UK is in effect for 48 hours, starting at midnight, and is therefore in effect until midnight on Wednesday.

Entry ban from the United Kingdom and Denmark applies until further notice.

You want to test everyone who has traveled recently

The reason for the government issuing an entry ban is fear of the new – highly contagious – variant of the Coronavirus, which is currently spreading like wildfire in the UK. A viral variant, if it begins to spread in Sweden, is feared to cause unexpected problems for the currently overburdened Swedish healthcare system.

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In addition to the ban now imposed, the Swedish Public Health Agency is urging everyone who has traveled to Sweden from the United Kingdom in the past ten days, that is, from December 12th, to take a coronation test. We urge employers whose employees have traveled from the UK to ensure that their employees are tested.

Johan Carlson
Johan Carlson, Director General of the Swedish Public Health Agency. Photo: Lena Katarina Johansson / Public Health Agency

Avoid contact with others

Those who come from the UK are encouraged to stay home and avoid contact with others as much as possible for up to a week, seven days after arrival. The director general of the Swedish Public Health Agency, Johan Carlson, said that the test should be repeated on the fifth day after arrival Swedish Radio Equot.

According to Carlson, the planned vaccination of Swedes will not be affected by the entry ban. This is because vaccine transfers will be excluded.

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