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Step into the cockpit and prepare to battle giant monsters in Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black.

About seven years ago, the Guillermo del Toro robot movie “Pacific Rim” premiered, which in my opinion was a great tribute to ancient Japanese monster movies like “Godzilla” or “Ultraman”.

The film revolves around humanity having to unite against the brutal “kaijus” that rises from the sea floor and threatens the planet’s survival, by building massive fighting robots.

A few years later, the highly-acclaimed “Pacific Rim: Uprising” (3 out of 3 reviews) directed by Spartacus director Steven S. DeKnight appeared.

Soon, an animated TV series will be showing on Netflix, called Pacific Rim: blackWhich takes place a few years after the events of previous films.

“Pacific Rim: The Black” takes place after a period of building giant robots to fight monsters that rose from the sea floor. The plot begins when Australia is invaded by “kaijus”, with the entire continent evacuated.

Here we meet siblings Taylor and Hayley, who are left to search for their missing parents, while finding an abandoned combat robot they must use to stay alive.

The series is produced by Legendary Television by Craig Kyle (“Thor: Ragnarök”) and Greg Johnson (“X-Men: Evolution” and animated by Polygon Pictures, the behind Netflix animated films “Godzilla”.

Although I am not a huge fan of this mix of 3D technology and Japanese anime, it seems that it manages to present a very interesting premise and great monsters against robot fighters.

Pacific Rim: black The show premieres on Netflix on March 4.

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What do you think of the “Pacific Rim” series? Will you watch this?

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