“The best gift is knowledge” – Nora Haaland

About Larsen Winkler

Age: Twelve years.

Live: Fjärås.

Family: Father Frederick, Mother Jane, sisters Alicia and Miley.

Current: As one of eight participants in the Fixaräventyret SVT Program.

Interests: Being in nature, cooking outside, scouting, art (creativity), listening to music, antiques.

Role model: Program leader Bebe Singer, botanist Carl von Linney, cultural analyst and Professor Iba Witt Bratström, and Professor Ulf Danielson, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Prefer to eat: Sushi and pasta dishes.

Preferably read: Informant.

Best watch: History and science program.

Fixaräventyret is an adventure with competition elements and a treasure hunt in a jungle environment. Eight children between the ages of ten and thirteen live in tents and live wildlife while building rafts to cross a lake and preserve a rich treasure.

When Liam Larsen Winkler saw that SVT was looking for participants to the new project, he immediately felt that he had found the program coordination with P.

– It sounded very exciting. I think nature is beautiful and beautiful. We weren’t created by her, but she created herself. Liam says he’s so cool.

Liam’s interest in animals, nature, and plants stems from his fascination with history.

I have read about people who have studied nature, including in a time of freedom. Then there was a man named Carl von Linné, who classified species and genera and gave them names in Latin and Swedish. This is where I got that NO benefit, he says.

Ten days away from home

After waiting for some time, the news came: Liam was among those chosen to participate in the program. This summer, he packed his bag and the family drove somewhere between his home in Fjärås and the filming location in Skåne.

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– We stood in the parking lot and said goodbye, and then they went straight into the woods. I felt so ridiculous. But the production workers were very professional, and it was noticeable that they were very experienced and cared a lot about children. Liam’s mother Jane says they hear from time to time and send a picture.

The recordings took ten days and Liam and the other children had no contact with their families during that time. Cell phones were not allowed to go to camp in the woods. Despite this, Liam did not have time to feel homesick, adventure occupied his thoughts.

– I didn’t think it was so hard. I have been in scouts for four years and have long visits and outings. So I’m used to that. But I hadn’t left for ten days, the longest of which was three, he says.

How did it feel to be without a phone and the Internet?

– You haven’t done much. Usually when I look at my mobile phone and computer, it has to do with school. Or I watch programs revolving around nature and science, Liam calmly replies.

The assignment in Fixaräventyret is based on a historical story that suits Liam perfectly. “I love history and no, and it was very helpful,” he says.

Thus the participants were largely detached from reality and their normal lives. Plus, shooting for several hours a day is of course a special experience.

– It was a little strange. There were a lot of people standing around when we signed up. Then it was a little different because I was the only one from Haaland, and everyone was a resident, says Liam.

‘Difficult and fun’

Thankfully, the gang quickly found each other and they became good friends. Hussam is still in touch with everyone. It sure makes it easy to live with those you have to live close to, and work with them through tough challenges over ten days.

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Some of the challenges were really tough, when I looked a little at the other team and saw that they had been caught up. Then you have to do something very fast. So it was challenging and fun. And when we built the rafts, people got tired a lot in the arms.

Is there any particular challenge that you remember being extremely difficult?

Yes, it was a stem in which you had to fix as many nails as possible. Nails were of different thicknesses, and many other things. When I nailed one nail, the others fell off, it was very difficult.

At the time of writing, four episodes of the show have been released. Watch Liam and his family of course. Parents are proud, the sisters are fans and Liam himself feels this:

– It was a little weird at first, but then it looked like someone else you were looking at. So I almost didn’t get to know myself, it was completely different.

Although feelings were divided about watching himself on TV, he gained an even greater taste:

– I am on the SVT Kids Page almost every day and I browse and search for new programs to apply to. But nothing new has come there yet.

Knowledge is an invaluable gift

Any law that first arrives tax is of course secret until the last program is shown. What can be said is that Fixaräventyret was a fun trip that resulted in new friends and lots of great memories.

– He had really grown mentally three meters when he got home. It was great to see her, says Mother Jane.

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Liam’s mother Jane is proud that Liam has always dared to go his own path and says he’s a role model who does what he loves the most.

Liam is a well-read, cautious young man with high ambitions. During the program, he made use of his knowledge of history and nature, and also learned new lessons. This is something Liam values ​​so highly:

– A while ago I watched a short show on SVT called Muren. I thought it was very interesting, because I knew most of the questions about culture, science and things like that. Then I thought the best gift you could get was knowledge. It is very interesting with the knowledge, to have it. Liam says you carry it your whole life.

The program is broadcast on Barnkanalen and the episodes can also be watched on SVT play.

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