The art museum opens again tomorrow. With the exhibition “Moving to Mars”

Tomorrow, February 26, the art museum will reopen after the epidemic has been closed since the end of October last year.

After that, the new exhibition “Moving to Mars” created by the British Museum of Design will be exhibited at the museum. It will be the first stop on the international exhibition tour and you will feel more relaxed given the March Fever that has reigned in recent weeks. The exhibition focuses on the day when we will begin to colonize Mars and the art museum writes:

“ With 150 objects from previous spaceflight (including originals from NASA, the European Space Agency, and SpaceX) and prototypes for future Mars travel, moving to Mars tells us about the great challenge of taking man to Mars – perhaps humanity’s greatest adventure on All the little details must be thought through in advance of the trip of at least seven months. But also how we should live and live once we arrive – what clothes do we need, what should we eat and how we should live. ”

In addition to moving to Mars, the art museum currently also runs the Antropocen Galleries, an exhibition on the new era that some believe we live in now, and the Hyper Human Gallery, which is an exhibition about the future man.

The Technical Museum has provided a long list of procedures to make visiting the museum as safe as it is from an infection standpoint and you can read more about it These actions are here.

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