The arrested police get the job – 121 years later

In 1900, a white teenage girl accused a black Los Angeles police officer of sexual harassment. The Los Angeles Police Commission has now decided to reinstate the badge of Police Cop Robert William Stewart after his death New York times.

The first black Los Angeles police officer posthumously recovered his police badge. Stock photography on last cop tray.picture: Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP / TT

Stuart was born a slave in Kentucky in 1850 and retired after liberating to the West. He ended up in Los Angeles and became the city’s first black police officer in 1889. Although, according to researchers, he was constantly harassed, he remained a police officer until he was charged with a crime in 1900 and lost his identity card.

This is a way we can show how black people stand in this country of critical importance. Police Commissioner William Briggs says that during his time in the LAPD, he had a purity record.

Little is known about Robert William Stewart, who is not believed to have surviving relatives. His fate was largely unknown until an amateur historian stumbled upon his story a few years ago and dug further. It sparked interest in the Los Angeles Police Department, who has since drawn attention to Stuart.

But not everyone was affected by the police’s actions in the historical case. In light of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the many high-profile cases of police brutality against blacks in the United States, critics say it is easier to honor someone who has died long ago than to change the status quo. Climate in the police force.

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“If they want to talk about healing something from history, there has to be an essence behind it,” Melina Abdullah, a professor at California State University in Los Angeles and co-founder of the BLM department in the city, told the New York Times.

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