The arrest of a number of former ministers in Bolivia on charges of the coup

In mid-November 2019, then-President of Bolivia Evo Morales announced his resignation. The announcement came after a direct call from the country’s military and several weeks of protests and accusations of electoral fraud.

Morales was granted political asylum in Mexico and immediately left the country. A few days later, Senator and opposition leader Janine Anez declared acting president.

But in October 2020, the Moral Socialist Party regained power in Bolivia. This time under the leadership of the new president, Louis Ars, who won a landslide victory in the presidential election.

Terror and incitement

Janine Anez was arrested on Saturday in Trinidad and then airlifted to La Paz. Bolivian television broadcast pictures on Saturday showing how the former energy ministerPolice also arrested Rodrigo Guzman and former Justice Minister Alvaro Coimbra.

According to prosecutors, they participated in a coup that forced Morales to step down from power in 2019, according to the BBC.

Ñez herself claims to be the victim of a political vendetta orchestrated by the MAS Socialist Party. She tweeted earlier that “political persecution has begun” and she said to herself that the charges against her include terrorism and incitement.

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