The Android update caused the crashes of many Swedish |

After updating the Android System WebView and Google Chrome via the Google Play Store, some Android apps were crashing around the world, according to Android Authority.

Clients of some Swedish banks were also affected, including clients of Avanza, Swedbank and Nordea. This was confirmed by Banks to Realtime. So the problem is not with the banks but with Google.

– Obviously, it affects our customers when they are unable to log in with the app. However, this is a problem not for us but with Google. It affects not only Avanza but also other apps. Our clients can access all of our services by logging in via the site instead, Sophia Svafar, Head of Investor Relations at Avanza, says to Realtid.

At the moment, customers may run into issues with apps on Android, including the BankID app. The problem isn’t Nordea. Google is working to solve this problem. Advice for those who are having trouble with BankID is updating the Android System WebView and Google Chrome on their device, Mikaela Östman, Nordea’s chief communicator and journalist, confirms to Realtid.

There have also been problems with Swedbank.

– Some customers using Android phones had difficulty logging into the app during the day. In many cases, this issue has been resolved by customers having to update the operating system in the phones, says Ralph Bagner, Swedishbank’s director of press.

On the other hand, Nordnet had no problems with the Android app during the day, says Johan Tedstad, Nordnet’s communications director. Anna Sundblad, the bank’s press director, says Android users at Dansky Bank don’t seem to have encountered any problems.

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