The album. Current Jason Mraz With Full New Height – Donates all royalties to charity

World artist Jason Mraz He is involved in climate and social issues. To show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, Jason has now decided to donate 100% of the ownership rights to his new album to charities fighting social injustice. Jason begins donating his entire $ 250,000 advance.

The album “Look For The Good” will be released on Midsummer Eve. In new full length Jason Mraz returns to reggae – the genre he loves that has shaped his career. “I am looking for the good“It’s not just a line of script or a title for Jason. It’s a philosophy of life. Jason believes that we need to look for positive and meaningful things even in difficult times.”

There may be few in Sweden who cannot remember Jason Mraz’s 2008 breakthrough with his blockbuster movie “I Am Your Own”. Sure, Jason has had many home hits in the US before, but with the third album, “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things” the international success was a reality. Since then, he has sold millions of records, toured the world, and won two Grammy Awards and many other awards.

The new album contains, among other things, the singles “ You Do You (with Tiffany Haddish)“And the”Wise woman“The latter is a tribute to the woman and Mother Earth. Nature and the environment are important to Jason. He is inspired by his surroundings, especially his organic farm – Mraz Family Farms – where he grows coffee and avocados, among other things. Jason makes a good day to work with the land, grow plants and create new music.” , And to celebrate life daily and look forward – “find the good.”

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“Look for the good” (BMG Rights Management) släpps den 19 juni. Here You can save the album in advance to listen to it.

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