“That’s why I broke the liberal line and voted yellow.”

Ahead of the 2018 elections, the Liberals made explicit promises not to cooperate or govern with the support of the Swedish Democrats. This was a very important message to the voters as well in terms of my own values. Voters asked questions that governed the ballot box if the electoral promise could really be fulfilled.

The parliamentary situation became difficult after the 2018 elections as Sweden was without a government for 134 days. The result of the 2018 elections made it impossible to fulfill the electoral promise of a bourgeois government. The four parties did not receive sufficient support. Judging by the support of the Swedish Democrats was out of the question for us liberals based on the electoral promise we made. The solution was the January agreement between the Liberals, the Center Party, the Social Democrats and the Green Party. The agreement resulted in several important social liberal reforms.

The promise of the 2018 elections was based on values. Everyone was able to follow the developments in the world and Europe with concern. Orbán has worked in Hungary and works against foreigners, Jews, Muslims, and LGBT activists. In stark contrast to the liberals, Swedish Democrats praised Orbán as an outstanding leader and role model.

Hans sees the “liberal elite” as his staunch enemy, as he considers most EU politicians. What is happening in Hungary shows the role that values ​​and ideology play. Citizens’ freedom is rapidly declining as authoritarian leadership gains more power. For liberals, a vibrant democracy with cultural freedom and diversity is key. Society needs to provide space for ideas, science and creativity, and we must be able to take a stand, think and make choices that matter to us. In liberal democracies, there is a free media. The rule of law is inviolable. Identity is determined by the individual himself. The struggle for women’s freedom is fundamental.

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I will complete this term In the Riksdag and work for the electoral promises made in the 2018 elections, in the upcoming elections, the 2022 elections, the Liberals will seek a mandate from the electorate for a bourgeois government that can speak out and seek support from everyone including the Sweden Democrats, according to the party’s decision in the 2021 party council. The photo The liberal ideology in the upcoming elections, which means that the liberals are open to cooperation and cooperation with the Swedish Democrats, means that I do not see it possible to run for Parliament in 2022.

The liberal ideological picture in the upcoming elections, which means that the liberals are open to cooperation and cooperation with the Swedish Democrats, means that I do not see it possible to run for Parliament in 2022.

What does voting in the Swedish Parliament mean? There is a historical practice of how parties have acted in the previous prime ministerial elections. The Liberals recently voted yellow in a no-confidence vote raised by the Swedish Democrats. Liberals voted yellow in most prime ministers’ votes, except when the Liberals themselves are part of the government or when other solutions for government formation have not been fully tested. The Liberals tolerated the SPD prime ministers and indicated on the ballot papers that the yellow button did not mean that they were behind government policy. The government is tolerated when there is no other parliamentary solution in sight. The four coalition parties voted yellow for Stefan Löfven after losing the election in 2014. But practice can change.

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Misstroendeförklaringen Resulted new presidential rounds against Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. Ulf Kristersson (M) quickly declared on his reconnaissance mission that the majority in the Riksdag would not tolerate him. So the President proposed that the current Prime Minister Stefan Lofven be tried in the House of Representatives. There is only a little over a year left until the next elections. An additional option should be avoided.

Electoral promises have preoccupied many throughout the ages. In the 1911 elections, Liberal Party leader Karl Staff made clear promises, but changed his position during his tenure. In his famous speech at Karlskrona in 1913, he presented his new political line. He also stated that he considered himself bound by what the party said on the campaign trail, and so the party wanted to wait until after the election before making new decisions:

“A country with the same democratic representation inevitably demands that political promises be made. And when promises are given, they are also kept.”

A yellow vote means tolerance, But also to stand freely in opposition. I respect the electoral promise we made in the 2018 elections. That is why I voted yellow.

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