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That’s all you need to get Netflix in 4K

EntertainmentThat's all you need to get Netflix in 4K

What is 4k?

4K is a high-definition screen – the number means its width is 4000 pixels.

Today’s best standard resolution is half as many pixels as 4k.

High resolution is also called ultra hd.

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Here’s what you need to watch Netflix in 4K:

The right TV

Correct Netflix subscription

Fast internet

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How to watch Netflix on your HDTV:

Well you’re pissed off and you’ve got a crunchy new 4K Ultra HD TV – what do you do now?

Use Live WireWe have made a guide:

1. Is your TV smart?

Your HDTV must be able to connect to the internet in any way. Either through your internet connection (smart TV) or through another device such as Apple TV or Playstation 4 pro.

picture: Malin Love

2. You need HEVC codec.

In addition to being smart, your TV needs a HEVC decoder to read the Netflix signal in high definition.

3. Your TV must have HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2

The input allows you to connect external 4K devices. Like a blu-ray player.

Netflix You have additional information on how to do this.

4. Correct internet connection

To check high resolution, you need an Internet that can provide at least 16 Mbps, but preferably faster.

5. Correct subscription

You need a big Netflix subscription, which costs SEK 139 per month.

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Where can I find 4K content?

Netflix is ​​growing rapidly, and Amazon Live Streaming has HD content. Anyone who doesn’t want to pay can go to Youtube and check out. Don’t have fast enough internet? In this case, you can purchase Blu-ray discs.

Netflix might have a lot – but at the moment they don’t have a search function to sort content by 4k so finding the right content isn’t easy.

But don’t worry – we’ve put together a list.

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13 4K Series & Movies Tips on Netflix

a series:

Weird things

House of cards

Black mirror

the crown

Orange is the new black

Black list

Too bad


Jessica Jones

Marco Polo

picture: Photoshoot / Stella Pictures

In addition to TV series, some movies are also selected to be in high definition during menstrual periods.

Existing or existing movies in 4K:


Ghostbusters 2

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


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