“That the United States is so favored is perfectly fine”

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Sweden managed to maintain the excitement of the World Cup by defeating Slovakia yesterday. Now Russia is waiting and Sweden must win. There are many solid favorites on Coupon and the United States is one of them.

best nail: United States of America.

The US and Finland are compensating for the group’s win and this suggests that we will see focused efforts from the US, despite the fact that Italy is the contender. Italy simply wasn’t enough in this World Cup tournament. He scored zero points in six rounds he says the most and the team has averaged just over 6 goals conceded per game. The US is listed as a huge favorite and that’s totally fine.

Best peels: Norway

Norway doesn’t have a great squad, but it’s not like that because it’s crowded with stars in Kazakhstan too. Kazakhstan got some commendable points with their good organization – then we’re mainly thinking about the penalty shootout win over Finland (2-1) and the 3-2 win over Germany. Norway is not crazy on the defensive. The 1-2 loss to the United States was honorable and Latvia had been defeated on penalties before that. We secure the match at the end of the week and we would like Norway to get the points.

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