That is why the Swedish match against Valheim became a worldwide success

If you don’t know “Valheim” yet, now is the time to get to know the first successful Swedish game of the year.

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Vikings game Valhaim It tops the list of best-selling games on Steam gaming service for the fifth week in a row and recently reached five million games sold – despite its release as late as February 2.

Valhaim Developed by Skövde-based Iron Gate Studio, it is an independent studio of five people – one employee for every million games sold. So far, the game is still only in early access stage (not fully developed) but gossip of the vikings with experience that this game actually contains more content than regular big budget games.

Toward the long house! Photo: Iron Gate Studios

If you are not used to Valhaim We’ll follow a short summary here: Valhaim It is a survival game set in the fictional Viking world where you, along with up to ten companions, must be helped to survive and develop your colony. Like other survival games, part of the game involves gathering materials to go from hut to castle or wooden stick to sword.

What’s happening Valhaim To stand out from the competition is that the developers have been able to take advantage of survival games in all the good things and have relieved the monotony and boring. If your character dies, they are dead and all the things you have collected are gone. Tough, but when you can get a nice armor, for example, you’ll be able to wear it for a long time thanks to a simple repair system.

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At the same time you develop your village offerings Valhaim Even off-player adventures where you kill monsters and crush Odin’s enemies. The special thing also is that the world is not predetermined – each server has a unique world. In each world, there can be ten players maximum, so there is no place for rotten eggs.

Foto: Iron Gate Studios

Who knows everything about games, especially Valhaim is being P3 Games Expert Evie Karaboda. Contact her cafe to find out more about the game.

Valheim turns to successful Swedish developers such as Paradox, Massive and Avalanche, How much is said about Swedish gaming marvels in the gaming world?

Frankly, we Swedes are mostly the ones to talk about. But it is no coincidence that we are this large. Only now during a pandemic are many large companies working on games star WarsAnd the symbol picture And the Indiana Jones Across the country. Then we also have a solid standalone scene, that’s how Minecraft came to be, for example. Valhaim Little belongs to that group.

Why was Valheim so successful?

– Because survival games are Poppy now, however Valhaim She managed to get her own take on the genre. Instead of playing against each other, you are cooperating and the player does not have much freedom. If you want a clear goal and mission, you can have it. Many other survival games have a fairly high threshold.

Evie Karaboda is a gaming expert at P3. Photography: Matthias Ahlm / Swedish Radio

Some have run parallel to Maine CraftWhat are the similarities between the two successes in the Swedish game?

It’s mostly something that very few people have invented Valhaim And that the game became successful in no time. He was succeeded by only five people in Skövde Valhaim. Maine Craft It started with Marcus Pearson sitting at home in his apartment doing coding alone. But I’m not at all sure if Valheim will be any longer Maine Craft.

The game’s unexpected successes often follow the look like a sunset like a pie, for how long it is possible Valhaim Do you cling to the top?

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– It depends on what the developers Iron Gate have to offer right now. They have a lot of pressure on them and need to hire more to be able to create content for multiple players. The hype will likely be gone soon, but they’ll have a large and loyal fanbase for a while in the future.

Valheim is available for purchase at steam 165 Swedish kronor.

Evie Caraboda keeps up with the new podcast P3 games with Evie and Vector Which is done with P3 host and comedian Victor Linear. New episodes every Tuesday.

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