Texas would have been without electricity for months

Strong winter storms suddenly swept large parts of the United States this week. Texas, in particular, was particularly affected. It fell several decimeters of snow and the temperatures were much cooler than Texas residents are used to.

More than four million households were affected by the power outages and around 20 people died. On Thursday, most homes in Texas had power back, but more than 300,000 electricity consumers were still without electricity. It will not leave cold in a few days.

The power was cut for several months

Meanwhile, the largest Texas electric company, ERCOT, says the power grid was only “seconds or minutes” away from a larger disaster – something that would have cut electricity in Texas for months to come.

The sudden and severe cold wave on Monday morning struck natural gas stations, wind turbines and coal-fired power stations and caused a major power shortage in the system. Meanwhile, the need for electricity increased as a winter storm ravaged Texas. Soon the decision was made to implement a rotating disconnect – something which evolved into long and widespread blackouts.

The situation needed immediate treatment. If the network operators had waited, ERCOT chief operating officer Bill Magnes says more units would have gone down and then up. Texas Tribune.

According to Magnus, the result, if not acted upon, could be frequent blackouts of several months. Equipment could burn, transformers could explode, and power lines might be out of order.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott harshly criticized ERCOT and requested an investigation of the company and its problems this week.

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“It’s totally unacceptable to take a minute of this,” Abbott told a news conference on Thursday.

– ERCOT failed.

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