Test: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro – Improvement

Noise reduction, especially in headphones in this small format, can make a big difference in how effective it is. We have some well-established masters in the form of Bose and Sony who often impress them, and in this case Samsung places itself somewhere in the middle tier. It’s not as magic as noise reduction, but it isn’t bad either.

The first step to getting good sound and effective noise reduction with optional headphones of this type is to try first so the rubber plugs fit you and your ears. If it’s not tight and comfortable, then the sound isn’t what you want either. Even the rubber plugs insulate a lot before I even activate noise reduction. On the Galaxy Buds Pro, I think it’s the isolation itself that blocks more unwanted noise than the active noise reduction itself, which contributes a little more, but not in a magical way.

The insulation is effective

Experience noise reduction in a number of different contexts, from virtually silent with ventilation and fan only to the buzzing of the fridge to the most annoying traffic noise. I clearly noticed from the start that the noise reduction mode is what makes the best impression, regardless of whether it’s spoken content like a podcast or the music I’m listening to. With noise reduction off, the music gets a less slender soundtrack, even if there’s no noise I’d like to get rid of. I’m also testing listening to recorded audio from the cabin, as noise-reducing headphones are particularly effective, and even then the Galaxy Buds Pro allows some low-frequency noise. By switching noise reduction and noise reduction on, I can easily hear the difference in different situations and that’s rarely a big difference. When I try without any music, for example, Apple’s Airpods Pro are most effective when it comes to noise reduction, but if I start playing music, on the other hand, Galaxy Buds Pro gives a more convincing music sound. As brackets, for example, the Bose Quiet Comfort earbuds feature more effective noise reduction.

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Now, Apple Airpods as I mentioned and Galaxy Buds Pro are hardly competitors. Both of you work better when you have a phone from the same manufacturer, and one of the biggest advantages of Galaxy Buds Pro is the software, and to connect headphones to your phone, you must first install the Galaxy Wearable app available in the Galaxy Store. And in the Google Play Store. So it is not a good idea to buy headphones if you have an Iphone. Of course, it is possible to connect the headphones to devices other than Android phones. For example, I try to connect Buds Pro to a training watch, but then you miss some idea with the Galaxy Buds Pro and that it should be easy to connect to the mobile phone as well as to switch the connection between different devices supported. When I open the box with the headphones near my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, for example, a window pops up right on the screen where I see how much the headphones charge as well as the case. The connection switch between the different devices works with varying degrees of success. If I listen to music in one of them and go to an Instagram movie in the other, for example, the sound doesn’t change, but it happens when I make a call. So it depends a little, not a hundred percent.

Hear your speech and more

The app, which handles all the settings, has a lot of things for you to customize, giving the Galaxy Buds Pro more special features. One of those things is being able to hear your own voice and the idea is that you should be able to talk to people near you without having to take off the headphones first or even pause the music yourself. When Buds Pro notices you are talking, which he feels partly because your jawbone is moving, but also because it hears the sound, the music should silence and activate the position where you hear the sounds of the surroundings. So you can really hear what the person you’re talking to is answering.

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I activate the function, but I first noticed it in the form of an inconvenience. When I train, the music cuts off again and again when I happen to clear my throat, but also with just a deeper sigh when I make an effort. Then the job is very excited, but on the other hand when I really speak it takes several seconds before the music fades away. It’s often enough for me to hear the person answer me if it’s a short answer, but regardless, the music starts playing again after ten seconds and makes me give up a lot and instead I take off my headphones. It will be easier then. The best part is that you can disable the listen to my audio function.

For phone calls, the Galaxy Buds Pro delivers extraordinarily good audio. People I talk to hear me well, even in noisy environments with a lot of background noise and there are headphones that are especially good at focusing on my voice and eliminating other sounds.

Touch surfaces are also controlled

Among the other settings and functions that I find in the app, there is of course the option to activate and deactivate noise reduction and toggle to the mode where the headphones amplify the ambient sound. It’s effective and it can almost be annoying, because then I suddenly hear what people on the other side of the street are saying with much greater clarity without cheating. Moreover, you can read notifications from the phone, you can adjust the sound image as you like it under the Equalizer menu option and you can turn off the touch surfaces of the headphones. Of course it is possible to control the headphones directly without the app, if I don’t turn this off. With one press, the music starts or pauses, the double press changes the song or answers incoming calls, and a long press switches the noise reduction mode. When I wear a hat on a snowy day, I notice that it touches the headphones and thus causes unwanted changes in settings so it’s a good idea to deactivate the touch surfaces.

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The software plays an important role not only in terms of the application in the phone but also in terms of what the headphones themselves can perform. During the testing period, there will be a software update for the headphones, and since I remember that the previous Galaxy Buds had improved a lot during the first time in life, thanks to updates, I of course make sure to have the latest version when testing Buds Pro. This means there is a possibility that headphones, for example, will get more effective noise reduction if Samsung optimizes the software.

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