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When registration for the university entrance examination began in the fall on Friday, the burden on the registration site became very large. At 9 pm, the record-breaking waiting list was stopped and resumed at 08.00 today.

During the night the system was updated and after that the reports went out.

There isn’t a huge waiting list at the moment, Peter Hunth tells Swedish Radio and adds that there are still good chances to register for the test.

By lunchtime today, 18,000 people had registered for the test. In total, there are around 27,000 available places.

Tens of thousands are in line

At most, the number of people on the waiting list to register was close to 80,000. However, Peter Honeth thinks there was a lot of “air” in the queue, in part because there were people on hold who might not actually be aiming to write the test – or you don’t have the right to write it, he told TT.

Those who queued during the Friday were allowed to keep their place on the queue during the night.

Peter Honeth told SVT that they expected long waiting times, but not as long as a day.

– I really regret it was messy yesterday – we had very long wait times, he says and adds:

I understand that many were upset.

In addition to long wait times, the drive system ran into a problem as well, but according to Peter Honeth, it also needs to be resolved now.

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