Tesla Battery Day: Everything we know before September 22

From the start, it was believed that Tesla’s Big Battery Day would take place in the spring. Because of the epidemic, it was decided to postpone it until the fall. Specifically, on September 22nd.

As the name suggests, the day will revolve around Tesla’s battery technology. Perhaps the occasional surprise is also in Elon Musk’s sleeve. During the year, Elon gave little hints about what was to come. In this article, we try to collect these loose ends. Because these are exactly the threads that run around.

Silicon nanowire batteries

Will we see batteries with silicon nanowires? This is how you prove one of the theories. Nanowires have long been of interest to battery researchers. Namely, it has been shown that it is possible to build battery cells that can handle much more charge cycles than today’s batteries. Completely without losing capacity or breaking down. Additionally, energy density increases with technology.

There are two observations behind this theory. The first is based on the fact that Tesla’s head office has a new neighbor: Amprius, which works with silicon nanotechnology. Then came the call for Battery Day. The perception is that the invitation’s background is specifically an image of nanowires through a microscope. However, Elon Musk denied this theory, saying that everything is random. Decide for yourself:

Million miles of batteries

Over the past year, Elon, Tesla and their partners have talked a lot about “million miles” batteries. In other words, batteries that must cover 160,000 Swedish miles must be recycled before they can be recycled. Among other things, China’s CATL said it had the technology ready. CATL happens to be a supplier to Tesla.

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The snack was simply going on for a long time. Maybe September 22 delivers Tesla?

Goodbye cobalt?

Cobalt is one of the most controversial materials in lithium batteries today. For some it is broken into dubious shapes in Congo-Kinshasa. Tesla has previously said it is using more ethically sustainable cobalt. Tesla has also been able to reduce the amount of cobalt in its batteries, but the long-term goal has always been to get rid of cobalt completely.

Maybe it’s time? Again, it may be decided September 22nd.

More about the German-made Tesla Model Y

We know for sure that Elon Musk will be talking about a Tesla Model Y. Specifically, which will be manufactured at the new plant outside of Berlin. And he was in an interview yesterday that he said that the model will be a completely new car in terms of construction.

– There are a lot of innovative things we are going to do here [i Berlin]. We will tell you about it in the future. Form Y is not just a version of Form Y in the United States. It is, in effect, a radical redesign of the basic technology of automobile building. We’ll tell you more about it on Battery Days. It’s a big deal, Elon said in an interview yesterday.


Electric aircraft battery plan

High-density batteries are essential for commercial electric aircraft. Elon Musk is absolutely convinced that there is a future for electric aviation. As he said it recently yesterday. He said in an earlier statement that batteries with an energy density of 400 W/kg and a high service life are essential to him. For comparison, today’s Tesla Model 3 is 260 W / kg.

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Elon himself said he believed in it Electric flight battery technology takes three to four years in time. Even if we don’t get to see this kind of battery technology on September 22nd, Elon will probably give us a roadmap for how development will continue for Tesla batteries.

Battery Day will be broadcast live

As with many other Tesla events, it will be streamed live online. We’ll be back when we have more details on how to watch the broadcast.

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