Telenor and Voicemail: 800 customers affected

Snooping means that the digital code some people use to listen to their voice messages has been stolen by an unknown attacker.

We know that they accessed 800 clients’ accounts. We take this very seriously, says Pia Rosen, Communications Director at Telenor.

The attack was discovered in February, Follow advice from another carrier, which GP has previously reported. A report has been submitted to the Swedish Post and Communications Agency. Pia Rosen says the police must also be reported to the intrusion.

The code is usually used to access your Voicemail from abroad, or from a phone other than your mobile phone. If the code is leaked, the attacker can then jot down another person’s messages, which Telenor describes as “a potential wiretapping of your voicemail,” in a message to affected clients.

According to Telenor, the attackers appeared to have done just that You are looking to create Whatsapp messaging service accounts linked to clients’ phone numbers. When creating such an account, a one-time password is either sent as a text message or read in the voicemail required to verify that the account is genuine. By accessing it, you can thus create Whatsapp accounts with other people’s names.

We do not know if it happened on all of his accounts, but we do know that it happened to some. Then they created Whatsapp accounts for subscribers who hadn’t before, says Pia Rosen.

The purpose of using fake Whatsapp accounts is not known, but the ability to communicate in someone else’s name opens the door to fraud.

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Customers are now encouraged to choose a new hard-to-guess symbol. Those who use Whatsapp are also required to activate the so-called two-step login, which means that logging in requires a one-time code, in addition to the normal password.

Telenor says it has no apparent traces of the attackers, and thus it does not know if the attack comes from Sweden or any other country.

They cracked the PIN, but I don’t want to go into exactly how to do it, says Pia Rosen.

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