Tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, MCL, plus more knee damage for Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Boro, sources say

Cincinnati Bengals rising midfielder Joe Boro Sources told ESPN that several ligaments were injured in his left knee on Sunday.

The MRI showed that Boro tore the anterior cruciate ligament and the MCL and had other structural problems.

Boro was knocked off the field in the third quarter of Sunday’s 20-9 loss in Washington. In a tweet at noon on Sunday, Boro said “See you next year,” indicating that the 2020 season is over.

Teammates said Boro was at the team’s facility on Monday and was in good spirits after an end-of-season injury. Bengals second-year coach Zach Taylor is expected to meet with reporters at around 3 PM EST on Monday.

Buru suffered the injury after being cornered by two Washington defenders who had converged with him in the third and second pass attempt.

The first public selection in the 2020 NFL Draft was on his way to becoming the first rookie player in league history to have six 300-yard passing matches in his first 10 matches. The Burrow was a 22 of 34 for 203 yards and touched down with one lost touch before coming down in the third quarter.

Cincinnati had hoped that Burrow would be the next centerpiece midfielder for the franchise when the Bengals picked the Southeast Ohio producer with the highest overall selection. Once Burrow officially reached Cincinnati, it was clear that he would be the start of the team in its first week as a rookie. Bengals released the veteran Andy Dalton, Team selection in the second round in the 2011 draft, and the other veteran midfielder did not add the other to the list of 53 men.

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In his first 10 matches, the rookie showed why he represents so much hope in a franchise that has not won a playoff since January 1991. According to ESPN statistics and information, Burrow is ranked fourth in NFL history for the most passed arenas in a player’s first 10 matches ( 2,688 yards, including his total from Sunday’s match). Halfway through the season, Boro was on his way to breaking Andrew Luck’s record on most passing yards by a freshman (4,374).

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