Taylor Swift criticized Netflix after the history joke in the series

In the final episode of the Netflix series “Ginny and Georgia” the main characters were kidding about Taylor Swift’s dating life and that she often changed her friends.

In the scene, Georgia’s character asks if Jenny has broken up with her boyfriend, to which she replies:

“Why do you care? You change men more than Taylor Swift.”

Taylor Swift Saffar

The joke made fans of Taylor Swift see red and they later also starred in the Netflix star series.

Hey Jenny and Georgia, I called 2010 and wanted to restore their lazy and heavily biased jokes against women. What if we stop humiliating serious working women by thinking that this nonsense is funny. “The artist wrote on Twitter.


Netflix is ​​silent

Taylor Swift continued her engagement by directing her to Netflix, which last year released a documentary with Taylor Swift.

And netflix, after “Miss Americana,” that outfit just doesn’t look good on you. Happy Women’s History Month, I think. “

Neither Netflix nor the people behind the series have commented on the criticism.

Taylor Swift has been dating actor Joe Alwyn for 30 years.

Taylor Swift tried to keep her relationship with Joe Alwyn a secret when they started dating.

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