Sydney Powell, a former Trump campaign attorney, is filing lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia

Sydney Powell, the attorney who recently walked away from the Trump campaign, has filed flawed lawsuits in both Michigan and Georgia alleging election fraud.

The lawsuits alleged that there were problems with voting machines, mail ballot papers, and former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, According to Bloomberg. Powell brought charges repeatedly without providing evidence while she was a member of the Trump campaign legal team.

Bloomberg reported that the new lawsuits also included allegations of ballot fraud and the inability of observers to see the vote tabulation.

President TrumpUSAID Donald John Trump official tested positive for COVID-19 Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams are among the nominees for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2020 award in an appeal against the Department of Justice ruling preventing it from replacing Trump in an E Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit. His allies repeatedly claimed that the elections were marred by widespread voter fraud without providing any evidence.

Both cases brought by Powell were full of typos.

Bloomberg reports that the Michigan case had a number of coordination problems that removed word spacing. In Georgia suit, the word region was misspelled twice on the first page of the document: there was an extra c for “DISTRICCT”, then it was spelled “DISTRCOICT”.

Trump campaign Distanced himself From Powell on Sunday after I made a series of complex and unfounded allegations about voter fraud.

She previously appeared alongside the former New York City Mayor Rudy GiulianiRudy Giuliani Trump calls for Pennsylvania meeting to renew election allegations Watch live: Pennsylvania Republican hold voter fraud hearing with Giuliani, Trump campaign Way out of Trump’s ongoing crisis: President Pence More And other members of the campaign’s legal team, including widespread criticism Press Conference Last week he details the failed campaign efforts to halt or cancel testimony results in several states that the media called for the president-elect. Joe BidenJoe Biden Harris said she has not yet spoken to Pence Kamala Harris and Stacy Abrams among the nominees for the 2020 Obama Personality of the Year award for Time magazine: Republican members believe “white males are victims.”.

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During the press conference, Powell claimed that Dominion Voting Systems, which supplies voting machines throughout the United States, used technology developed by Ch├ívez, who died in 2013. She said the votes were being manipulated abroad in Biden’s favor.

Powell never provided evidence for her claims and those of Fox News Tucker CarlsonTucker Carlson, The Memorandum: Trump’s election loss sparks the anger of the right, more conservatives split from Trump over election allegations, ex-president incumbent urges the Republican Party to speak out against Trump’s efforts to “sabotage” election results More He said last week When his program pressured her to find evidence, she “got angry and asked us to stop calling her.”

Powell is also the attorney for ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was so Trump pardoned him Wednesday.

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