Swedish Valheim gang is more inspired by Zelda and Skyrim than survival games

“It looks like it worked,” says Iron Gate. Who says no?

The wonders of the Swedish Games still amaze. Valhaim Is this year’s Steam snack ice cream with over 2 million copies sold, which challenges the number of players on Steam giants like PUBG. Iron Gate AB delivers.

We’ll have a chat with Skövde studio, so don’t miss it Ask your questions.

Some who have already spoken to them PC Gamer, Which states that there are more hypothetical Vikings in the world now than it was during the peak of 700 years ago. Early access and survival games often go hand in hand, but when asked if the five-man Iron Gate team plays too much for survival, they answered no.

Henrik Törnqvist is one of the founders of the studio and he shines a light on other games, like The Legend of Zelda And the Skyrim. A single player adventure has “something” they want to capture Valhaim.

We wanted a more old-school single-action adventure game feel, like Old Zelda titles. Where you get equipment by fighting bosses. We thought it would merge, or at least hopefully, with survival parts. And yes, it appears to have worked.

You can safely say that. at Valhaim You need to defeat certain bosses, for example, to unleash the ability to build breakout or gain iron. It gives the game a feel of the campaign.

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