Swedish company Oxeon made fabric for rotor blades for Mars helicopters. Borås’ carbon fiber fabric is now flying on Mars

SVT reports that Borås’ Oxeon made the carbon fiber fabric that made the rotating blade for NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter, the helicopter we’ve written about a lot since it landed on the surface of Mars two months ago with the persistent Mars rover.

Oxeon makes TeXtreme carbon fiber fabric that is used in reinforcement materials, and the company’s fabric has also been used in Formula 1 cars. Ten years ago, the company received an order from NASA for its carbon fiber fabric, but then it all seems to be forgotten. , As SVT writes. From time to time, NASA has heard of textile updates. Last Friday, Oxeon discovered that its tapestry is now not only on Mars, but it is also participating in the first controlled flight on the planet.

On LinkedIn, Oxeon wrote that her web is now flying on another planet:

TeXtreme® is proud to be a part of this technology. TeXtreme® fabrics are used in several parts of the helicopter – the solar panel substrate, the box at the bottom, and the rotor blades. Because the Martian atmosphere is so thin relative to the Earth that is at the surface level, it is difficult for aircraft to generate Lifting force. Which means that the Mars helicopter should be as light as possible, but also have large rotors in a row to create sufficient lift force. The fact that TeXtreme® can help reduce weight but it is not clear that having to compromise on stiffness or durability makes Our offer of drones is attractive, not just on the ground. “

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Below you can check out a feature from SVT where Oxeon Vice President Andreas Martsman talks a little more about everything.

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