Sweden’s most generous donor – Tidningen Dagen

Sweden – But at the same time, rich countries are far from fulfilling the UN commitment of 0.7 percent of GNI, Concorde, the umbrella organization for aid organizations, wrote in a press release.

A total of $ 161.2 billion in development aid was provided last year. This is an increase of 3.5 percent and represents 0.32 percent of GNI – compared to the United Nations’ goal for high-income countries to provide at least 0.7 percent.

Swedish development assistance amounted to 1.14 percent of GNI for 2020. This means that Sweden was the largest donor in the world in terms of relative value. In second place is Norway, with 1.11 percent, according to statistics from the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Only four countries have more than 0.7%

Only four of the European Union member states – Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, and Denmark – equal or exceed 0.7 percent of GNI. As before, other European Union countries are subject to this obligation.

Behind the increase in total EU aid is also an increase in aid in the form of loans from several large countries such as France and Germany.

“It is alarming that the European Union increases the share of aid through loans rather than making more donations,” says Eric. Act Svenska the Church Chair, commenting on the OECD figures.

And the countries that have cut their aid budgets the most in terms of money are Australia, Greece, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

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