Sweden World Cup silver after a dramatic settlement

Sweden climbed to fourth during the national jump on Thursday and felt the medal before Friday.

Then the Swedish riders showed where the locker would stand. Flawless for Henrik von Ackermann, flawless for Malin Barriard Johnson and flawless for Frederick Johnson. Even before riding the last Bider Fredrickson, Sweden halted at zero fouls on this round.

After last US contestant McLean Ward knocked down a boomer, it was clear that Sweden would jump for gold – against the USA.

Henrik von Eckermann in Sweden started with a flawless tour at a time of 32.99.

Devin Ryan was flawless for the US, but slower than Von Ackerman.

Indiana Malin Barryard Johnson cruised towards the last hurdle and reached the bottom of the bull, thus tearing off the rear lever arm.

Adrienne Sternlicht also had a boom, but it was a little faster than Baryard. Frederick Johnson and Coldplay are back flawlessly with a time of 35.31.

No fault with Laura Kraut with the second fastest time.

When Fredrickson was faultless, with a time of 34.43, he left the decision in the hands of McLean Ward.

The seasoned tournament contestant did not make any mistakes in front of the home crowd – so flawless and so fast that gold was secured for the Americans.

The bronze went to Germany.

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