Sweden meets the USA at Friends Arena – SVT Broadcast

After victories in both international training against Austria and Malta, a true gauge of value now awaits Sweden when the USA arrives at the Friends Arena on April 10.

The match is broadcast live on SVT2, starting at 19.00.

The first leg against Poland is, three days later, broadcast live on SVT.

The USA meeting will be an important indication of the Swedish team’s place in the first competition, according to SVT expert Marcus Johannson.

– In this match Sweden’s development is already undergoing testing and this will be a real test before the Olympics. It will be interesting to see if Sweden has taken a step, as I feel like it did, and it can be more ahead of the ball and play its game against even the best countries. That would be a completely different level to meet Austria, for example, says Markus Johannesson for SVT Sport.


Federal Captain Peter Gerhardson met the United States on two occasions and lost both. 2-3 in international training in Ohio in the fall of 2019, and 0-2 in group matches at the World Cup in the same year.

– It’s a lot of motivation to meet world champion USA at Friends Arena and get a good chance to really test our site in April. I hope now that we show that we have taken more steps and that we can measure ourselves against this kind of best resistance ever, says Peter Gerhardson.

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