Sweden is pressing Nordstream 2

The European Union Committee in the Riksdag gave Foreign Minister Anne Linde (S) an order to address the situation around the Russian-German gas pipeline during a meeting on Monday with other European Union countries.

Both ruling parties S and MP admitted opposition, but on Friday they had to bow to the majority on the committee.

However, among most EU member states, there is also a moderate interest in imposing sanctions around Nordstream, not least because there is a risk of affecting German and European companies as well.

More people?

Instead, the sanctions are said to be directed at a number of other Russian citizens who may have been linked to human rights violations and Russian actions against opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

Several different lists have been circulating among EU diplomats, but they are not expected to be completed within two weeks. Monday’s meeting will likely end with Foreign Minister Josep Borrell being given the green light to draw up a final proposal on who will be affected by the travel ban and the freezing of any EU assets.

It is clear that Russia is on a collision course with the European Union. On the way to the meeting, Borrell says, we will have an important discussion on how to respond to this, and I hope we can do so in a unified and decisive way.

“Lowest position”

There is widespread agreement that sanctions should be extended under any circumstances.

A: I am because we have started preparing new sanctions lists against individuals. At the same time, we must also look for ways to preserve dialogue with Russia, even though relations are currently at their lowest levels, says German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on his way to the meeting.

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– If there were countries that were previously naive about Russian behavior, then I hope they are not now. Frankly, I do not expect any colleague to oppose, says Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakariyeva to Politico Europe news site.

The European Union countries are also expected to give the green light to impose more sanctions on the rulers of Myanmar (Burma) after the military coup three weeks ago on Monday.

The foreign ministers will also have their first, longer conversation with new American colleague Anthony Blinken, even if only on the web.

Victor Nomlin / TT

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