SVT expert: ‘You should have some kind of peace’

Most probably counted on Trey Kronor’s six points after his first two World Hockey games. But the points were not missed and after five group matches, they became two points from a playoff point.

– It’s heights and it’s really valleys. They started with valleys and lost two matches against the teams they would win against. Then they meet with Switzerland and they play very well. They are strong, they want to win duels, they want to create chances by getting ahead in front of goal, says Maria Roth.

– There are many, but it is difficult to analyze Sweden. They should increase their strength, against Great Britain was really low and bad. It was indifference. They have to start better in the next game.

“Chit in Chemistry”

Union captain Johann Garbenlov opted to alternate in series during the tournament, and in Friday’s match, Marcus Sorensen climbed to the second series with the Kempe brothers.

– Sörensen came now, but it is difficult to analyze against Great Britain. Rasmussen has done a great job before with both Mario and Adrian playing more hockey, while Rasmussen has done some shit in front of goal. The question is whether Sorensen does it against a better resistance. I hope so, because he has a lot of skating and “going off”.

Pick a group and drive on it if you don’t fail completely, says Maria Roth, an expert at SVT.

She believes that instead of finding new combinations, there are other areas to improve Tre Kronor.

– Shit in chemistry. Number one, they have to skate more, you have to want him more than the opponent. There are duels everywhere on the playing field, and every time the disc is free it is a duel. I don’t think Sweden was there (against Great Britain).

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Ruth’s call to Tre Kronor: “Damn the chemistry!”

On Sunday, Tre Kronor meets Slovakia, at 19.15 on SVT.

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