Svenska Magasinet – Half of the hotels on the Sun Coast are open

Ola Josephson

The Spanish tourism sector will have to wait another three weeks for a letter from the UK if the country is considered a safe destination. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced, Thursday, that she is waiting several days to quarantine British tourists who have visited Spain.

Portugal has also been placed on the red list, which means that British tourists in the neighboring country of Spain are trying to get home before Tuesday next week. It is the type of Indian coronavirus found in Portugal that worries the British authorities.

The fact that Spain has to wait another three weeks to get the green light as a safe destination by the British authorities is delaying the recovery of the tourism sector. On June 24, the UK will release an updated message about safe destinations.

Photo newspaper On Friday, the main article on page 2 is devoted to the hotel sector on the Costa del Sol. Half of the hotels are still closed. The occupancy rate for hotels that open in June is currently 40.4 percent.

One of the hotels that has opened in recent days is the MS Amaragua in La Carihuela in Torremolinos. The hotel, which has been closed for eight months, has previously had many Scandinavian clients.

The president of the MS Hotel Group, Miguel Sanchez, told Diario SUR today that a hotel like the MS Amaragua does not do well in domestic tourism alone.

If the UK gives the green light to Spain as a safe destination later in June, the MS group will also open the Aguamarina Hotel and the residential hotel Alay.

– We need British tourists like the Dutch, Germans and tourists from France. Right now, 80 percent of our guests are Spaniards, and we also have some tourists from Russia and Sweden, Sanchez says.

MS Group has a thousand hotel rooms on the Costa del Sol, of which 288 are in the Amaragua.

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