Successful Podcast Starts Training: “Netflix Training Courses”

Alexander Pärlero Podcast The Success Podcast is one of the most listened to in Sweden. Now the guy behind the microphone starts the “Academy of Success” – and is communicating with some of Sweden’s leading experts.

He himself had a tough time in school – and now he wants others to learn from his model.

“The Swedish school system has a teaching method, and we are the last,” says Alexander Barleros regarding the launch of the Success Academy.

“I wanted to find a way to make knowledge and learning available to everyone, wherever they are and in a way that suits them … The prominent names in each region share all their collective knowledge. I don’t see it in any way better,” says Alexander Barleros.

Among the names that will carry education is Matthias Riping, who will quickly upgrade the viewer’s memory. There is also Mårten Nylén’s coaching profile on the topic of health, Ellen Eksvärd on rhetoric, and Katrina Gusbeck on how the brain works.

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Alexander Barleros previously wrote the book “Framgångsboken” and also runs the podcast “Sånt är livet” with his wife Ida Warg.

In addition, he was named the best digital influencer of the year, and he is one of the most well-known lecturers in the country and has sold his “The Success Show”.

In total, his company has sales of 150 million, he said.

“We are 15 people who have worked with dedication with The Success Academy during the past year and there is nothing like what we are doing in the Nordic countries. With the Success Academy, we will allow people to develop in areas that they are not allowed to learn in school. Netflix for movies and Storytel for audiobooks, “says Alexander Barleros.

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But he is not satisfied with Sweden only. His education will be brought out into the world under the name “learned secrets”.

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