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How is it going in Washington without Trump?

– It’s a little calmer, you have to admit. Sometimes you have time to focus on realpolitik.

– She is still surrounded around the White House. For a while, there were signs that the mats of black life were on the fence, but they were gone. You were there the day before yesterday, and you see the White House differently than you did, for example, in the November elections. But there are barriers further away than before, so the White House can be seen far away, you don’t get close as you normally would.

When his presidency ended, Trump moved to Florida, but it wasn’t clear that he would be allowed to live in Mar Lago?

– He got the place as a club and resort in the eighties. There is a convention around 30 years old that states that this might be a club, but you might not live there. Some of the neighbors had absolutely no desire to have Donald Trump – or his supporters – full-time, and protested when he went there immediately after the change of power. But at a meeting in Palm Beach, it was concluded that he could live there in any case. The argument, which came from his lawyer, was that he could live there because he works at the club – and it’s true.

Trump will announce whether he intends to run in the 2024 presidential election only after the midterm elections. That makes it Republicans, right?

– There is a big problem for them. The CPAC was a tribute to all of Trump’s believers. Those who criticized Trump or went into conflict with him, for example for his involvement in the storming of the Capitol, were not there. Neither his deputy, Mike Pence, was there, nor was Nikki Haley, a running mate, or Mitch McConnell, the minority senator.

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But even if the message was that Donald Trump was a great president with no responsibility for anything that happened on January 6, they still saw slightly lower numbers for those wanting to run again. The reason he doesn’t want to leave a message might be the fact that he’s already thinking. The other reason is that he really wants prominent Republicans for the Mar-a-lago, so he can show that he is in control of the party and its legacy. And when Mike Lee, the Utah Senator, Christy Noem, who is the governor of South Dakota, or former Secretary of State for Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, comes there and pitches an event, they pay more money – guess who?

There are several lawsuits pending against Trump, both civil cases and criminal investigations. A New York attorney general obtained a pass for Trump after a ruling in the US Supreme Court. What do we know about how things will go?

We have not seen the statements yet, and it does not seem that we will be able to do so yet. Donald Trump needs to make money right now and everything indicates that his speculation is exciting – and politically exciting.

When you talk to Trump voters, there are two things they stress about him: He’s a successful businessman, and they love the way he has run the economy. This means that there are important parts of Donald Trump that are now at stake.

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