Strong earthquakes along Eldringen – Sidsvenskan

Two major earthquakes occurred in Oceania along the so-called Ring of Fire – one off the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the other east of the island kingdom of New Caledonia.

An overview of Noumea, the largest city in New Caledonia. However, the city is located on the coast opposite it in the direction of the earthquake that occurred. Photo gallery.picture: Theo Ruby / AP / TT

The earthquake outside New Caledonia, eastern Australia and northern New Zealand is the strongest. Authorities warn that earthquakes could push high waves toward land.

An American institute that monitors and warns of tsunami risks in and around the Pacific Ocean: “It is possible that dangerous tsunamis will occur from this earthquake within the next three hours.”

However, these waves are expected to be relatively small – between three decimeters and one meter high.

The European Geological Survey (EMSC) measures 7.6 and the United States as the USGS measures 7.5. The epicenter was located about 40 miles east of the smaller island of Taden.

The southernmost islands in the state of Vanuatu are located to the north. Fiji is further east.

The earthquake occurred off Sumatra into the sea. Its size was measured at around 6.2, but no tsunami warning was issued there. The quake struck a depth of one mile, about 20 miles from the coastal city of Bengkulu.

Eldringen is a geographical ring surrounding the Pacific Ocean, where Earth’s tectonic plates collide with each other and cause major volcanic activity.

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