Storming the Capitol Building in the United States: The Department of Justice Filed the First Charges – The FBI is looking for those who placed bombs near the building | Foreigner

The US Department of Justice filed its first charges of conspiracy in connection with the storming of the Capitolium. Meanwhile, the FBI announced that it was giving a cool bounty to anyone who could provide information about bombs that were placed near the building.

The Justice Department has brought charges against two members of the far-right Broad Boys group. The two were accused, among other things, of conspiring to obstruct the work of the police.

Police found brochures on how to make bombs in one of the defendants’ homes.

So far, more than 135 people have been arrested in connection with the riots in early January.

However, the search is still underway for the person or people who picked up two stun grenades to the Capitol the night before the storm.

The FBI raises the bonus amount

The FBI has repeatedly requested advice from the public to find the perpetrators (s), but to no avail.

The FBI promises rewards for anyone who can tip. The bonus amount has now been raised to $ 100,000. Originally, it was about $ 75,000.

The FBI suspected that the pipe bombs were intended to complicate police work. For some reason, the bombs did not explode.

Five people died in connection with the storming of the Capitolium. One of the dead was a police officer.

Sources: Agence France-Presse, AP, Reuters

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