Stena Anderson will be the new CEO of the Bonnier Group

In the fall, Stina Andersson will step in as the new CEO of the Bonnier Group – thus becoming a Senior Manager in the family of the number three owner in several years.

Only 37-year-old Stina Anderson The new CEO of the Bonnier Group will be the owner of the Bonnier family in September. The chief executive officer, 62-year-old loyal servant Eric Heigerstrand, will become chairman of the board after the resignation of Bengt Brown – who turns 75 this summer.

The new CEO of the family-owned media group, which owns Dagens industri among other things, is brought in from abroad but has a high-profile background with two of Sweden’s most powerful owner families, Stenbeck and Johnson.

In Kennefick, she was responsible for, among other things, investments, and in the fall of 2018 she transferred to the Johnson family. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Axel Johnson. She is also a board member of several major companies in the group such as Axfood and Dustin and is heavily involved in investment activities such as Novax and AxSol.

She moved from the position of Director of Operations at Axel Johnson to the position of CEO of the Bonnier Group – why?
Bonnier is a pioneer in its fields of activity and performs an important function in society through its journalistic activities and the protection of freedom of expression. that means alot to me. The good past years in terms of results and a strong financial position mean there are also very good conditions to build from there, says Stina Anderson.

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What does this mean for many of your engagements with Axel Johnson?
“I will end my board commitments in all internal wholly owned companies within Axel Johnson. The persons indicated will remain there until the time for reelection – and then we will have a new discussion.”

Today the Bonnier Group is debt free and is already in place in a number of areas and advertising properties. In what areas do you see the business primarily growing?
“It’s a little too early for me to identify different areas. It wouldn’t be fair to Lonnier or Axel Johnson. But it is about finding new future areas and developing existing businesses. Growth is needed in the group.”

Do you see areas within the group that could sell similar to the Bonnier sale made with TV4 a couple of years ago?
“Nothing I look at now, it would be wrong to answer that now.”

A hot topic last week was the relationship between tech giants like Facebook and Google. How do you see the relationship between tech companies and publishers in the future?
“It’s an interesting question, but I don’t really think I can get an overview of this debate and where it is going to land. I think both are needed one way or the other – but then it’s about the roles you take over time.”

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