Steam Deck is easy to modify and fix, and fans have taken notice

Many of the Steam Deck angles are shown with measurements from Creative Commons licensed CAD files.

As I mentioned the edge Over the weekend, the legendary repair advocates at are planning to offer basically every part of the Steam Deck for sale, including the motherboard with a custom AMD chip. While word of this was undoubtedly exciting for Steam Deck fans, iFixit moved to Twitter To clarify that the news was a little premature and that the full disclosure of parts offerings is yet to come.

Although Steam Deck is a powerful and impressive machine, many have noticed Main areas that could be improved. iFixit has been quick to offer solutions to this, such as alternative, quieter fans for people looking to permanently silence device sound.

When you combine this with the fact that Valve — much as I did for him The Now Abandoned Steam Console (RIP, darling)—Create CAD files for Steam Deck Available under a Creative Commons licenseThe device was designed to be remarkably units Compared to consoles and other mobile devices, it’s hard not to be swayed by the possibility of this machine becoming a gold standard of user repairability in the video game space.

This all matters when you consider the fact that almost every console seems to be there suffers from the inevitable “drift”, with some users Pursuit of interesting reform avenues. Almost all console analog sticks come from the same manufacturer, Alps, using hardware that iFixit is described as having files “predictable [and] preventable issues.” iFixit claims that the dual-stick potentiometer design will likely wear out with less than “400 hours of playtime.” Pending any future changes to the standard mechanisms used in these devices, or more generous replacement programs, could Access to modular parts that require at least some simple tools provides a quick solution for gamers who want to unlock their devices – or offer said services to others.

This 3D printed Steam Deck fan battery case provides additional power and supports the device with a kickstand.

In addition to repairability, access to CAD files has inspired fan-made solutions for accessories not yet made by Valve. Journey through the Thingiverse It will detect all kinds of SituationsAnd portsAnd battery holders Designed by gamers interested in engineering and access to a 3D printer.

With the latest system release it Fails to make the hype or meet fans’ hopes Still fresh in the memory, it is interesting to note a society that takes solutions and ideas into its own hands. It is hoped that services such as iFixit that provide quality parts and tutorial videos on disassembly/repair will inspire greater public awareness and education of the possibility of repairing gaming hardware, and encourage manufacturers to think more about construction methods and repair options.

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