Ståhlis: Like letting the weather rule Skellefteå

The American presidential fixation will never be the same again after Bernie Sander gets into knit gloves and an outdoor jacket.

Amidst all the notable guests dressed up elegantly in Ralph Lauren’s brightly colored and faded toe design creations, Sanders sits like a point of exclamation in the four-tone rough-knit mittens. Gloves have worked now on the Internet.

Photo of Sanders wearing this Napkins were printed on T-shirts and coffee mugs and are said to have drawn millions of philanthropy back to his home in Vermont.

“In Vermont, it is cold,” Sanders said, in a somewhat strange response to reporters’ questions about why he wore gloves at the inauguration in Washington.

According to the Sanders principle, when I go out onto the snow-covered streets of Stockholm and the thermometer shows minus two, I was wearing a tight-fitting jacket, a sheepskin hat, and foot patches because it’s a negative 22 in Skelleftea.

Gloves are something other than Gloves. You wear hard gloves but never hard gloves. And you’ve never seen a war movie where screaming Nazi supervisors wear gloves. Gloves are not intended to refer to people.

When I went to school we learned to knit mittens. We sat and hit our sock needles during the crafts hours, and at the end a glove appeared. Our craft teacher was always dissatisfied apparently always attending lessons swinging in big pumps and in a cloud of cigarette smoke on their coffee break. We never saw her smile but she taught us the noble art of knitting.

And it must be said, there is a difference between knitted gloves and knitted gloves. Bernie gloves stand up to the gorgeous pattern-knit gloves that have been produced through the ages and in different parts of the country, including Sweden and the Nordic countries. They are small woolen artwork.

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So I went out into my auditorium and checked out my glove and glove storage. Yes, there is a pair of beautifully woven soft fleece mittens in black and white. On the outside it’s minus four but in Skellefteå minus 25. In other words, you have to be gloves today.

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