SpaceX has tested the SN9 spacecraft. I ended up blasting with this time

Last night, Swedish time, it was time for SpaceX to test another prototype of the future Starship spaceship. The prototype SN9 with a height of 50 meters was equipped with 3 SpaceX Raptor engines and went exactly as planned to an altitude of 10 kilometers, after which it began the journey back to Earth.

Unfortunately, she didn’t really want to land, and just like when she tested SpaceX Starship SN8 in December of last year, the landing ended in a big bang. However, SpaceX did not appear to be dissatisfied with the test, and Starship chief engineer John Insprucker said after the SN9 ‘landing’:

“Again, we have to work on that landing a little bit. We got a lot of good data, and the primary goal – showing the car’s subsonic reentry control – sounded pretty good, and we’re going to take a lot of that.”

SpaceX plans to continue developing and testing Starship prototypes aiming to become more advanced with each iteration. Once the spacecraft is ready to perform real space missions, it will be equipped with six Raptor engines, while the Super Heavy, the rocket that will launch the spacecraft, will contain 30 of these engines.

The Starship will be able to lift its own engine from the Moon and Mars with its six engines, but to leave Earth, it will need the help of Super Heavy.

In the clip above, you can check out SpaceX’s summary of the launch of Starship SN9 yesterday.

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