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The private space company Space X will build the next US rocket to land on the moon. The initial goal is for an astronaut to land on the moon in the new spacecraft within three years. The last time someone visited the moon was in 1972.

Space X billionaire Elon Musk will be allowed to build the next Lunar Lander in the United States. The company won the purchase of NASA. The deal is valued at $ 2.9 billion, the company wrote in a single deal Press release.

In December, NASA selected 18 candidate astronauts. Four of them will be allowed to go into space, and two of them will be allowed to spend a week on the moon. According to NASA, one has to be a woman. The goal is to have the moon landed by 2024.

NASA and our partners will make the first manned landing on the Moon of this century. At the same time, NASA is taking a step in the right direction on gender equality, says Cathy Lauders, NASA Administrator.

The goal is to visit Mars

The flight to the moon is part of the NASA project that bears the name Artemis. The goal of the project is to prove its presence on the moon in the long term and eventually send astronauts to March. European ESA is also part of the project. In addition to the First Woman, it will also allow the first non-white person to land on the moon’s surface in the near future.

Before launching the two chosen to the moon, NASA requested a tether of the type where an unmanned spacecraft must be launched and landed on the moon. This is done to verify that everything is working properly.

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Space X, founded by Elon Musk, has also teamed up with NASA and has succeeded well. Last year, Space X became the first private company to take crew members to the International Space Station (ISS).

Another billionaire, Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon, was also involved in the NASA purchases, but lost out to Elon Musk. But NASA is making sure that more players are needed in the future because traffic to the moon will now start correctly.

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