Sörenstam competed in a mixed historical competition in Sweden

The idea was that the newly launched Scandinavian mixed tournament would take place at Bro Hof outside Stockholm 2020, but due to the progression of the pandemic, the event was canceled and the competition is being held instead at Vallda Golf & Country Club, south of Gothenburg this summer. .

It is now clear that the starting field will receive a strong stellar addition in the form of Special Pageant Ambassador Anika Surenstam.

– I’m so excited. When we announced this tournament a couple of years ago, I had no intention of playing, but last year, things have changed. I played some golf, my son practices a lot and when I did too I started enjoying it again, she says in a digital press conference.

Along with the golf star Henrik Stenson is Annika Sörenstam playing host in the tournament which is the first in which men and women have met professionally in the same competition.

– This is a great opportunity to be able to do it alongside Henrik. My expectations might be a little lower than his expectations but it would be fun to be with him.

When asked if there is any place in the air among Sweden’s best golfers of all time in both women’s and men’s terms, Henrik Stenson joked:

Anika is a competitive character, I’ve gotten her over the years. And I’m not holding back from the competition either. So of course we will do our best.


– But we do this for the sake of the event as a whole. We hope that we will contribute to attracting attention to this competition. This is something completely new that will have an impact on Swedish golf as well as the whole sport. So we see it as more than just a match of prestige.

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In mixed Scandinavia, 78 players and 78 players will face each other and receive a total prize money of € 1 million, just over 10 million kronor.

In February, Anika Surenstam withdrew The golf world looked at her once again when she was temporarily back on the LPGA Tour, 13 years after finishing one of her most successful careers ever.

The comeback took place on the home track of Lake Nona in Orlando, USA, where she managed noticeably cut and finished 74. As a fresh 50-year-old, Sörenstam previously explained that the plan is to compete in the veteran version of this summer’s US Open , Which will be decided in July.

– When I turned 50, I realized there were some competitions to play. Not much but enough. Now I want to be ready for it and I can’t think of a better way to prepare than to participate under the circumstances, she said.

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