Sony may open up Playstation 5 storage this summer

The latest generation of gaming consoles have made great strides in terms of overall performance, but storage performance in particular. Both Microsoft and Sony have chosen to equip their products with SSD storage via PCI Express 4.0, which bodes well for both low access times as well as high transfer speeds.

In the case of Sony and Playstation 5, the device was previously reported to have an M.2 SSD expansion slot. Despite the fact that the physical conditions are present, the use of the expansion site has been closed until now Firmware, When Sony expressed willingness to evaluate devices that meet the console’s high performance requirements.

Reports now Engadget This expansion of console storage could become a reality this summer. No indications are provided of supported SSDs, but some are coming FirmwareThe update may have improved cooling through higher fan speeds. High-performance SSDs like the Samsung 980 Pro consume up to 8.5 watts – which is energy that needs to be cooled down.

It was previously reported that Playstation 5 and 825 GB of storage, of which 667 GB is available for games, are insufficient for modern games. This storage space can be filled with six game titles, which is why Sony might have chosen to equip the device with an M.2 slot. It is not mentioned exactly when the M.2 site is activated, but to the Bloomberg Sony says that “details will be released at a later time”.

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