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Many of the vaccines that have now been developed against the Coronavirus can be changed relatively easily to protect also from the new variants. But so-called Adenovector vaccines, such as AstraZenecas, cannot be given to the same person more than twice, then they no longer work.

There’s a problem that once you get a vaccine like this, you get immunity to the same vaccine vector, so you can’t come back multiple times with the same vector, explains Gunilla Karlsson-Hedestam, a professor of immunology for vaccination at Karolinska Institutet.

Adenovector vaccine, in If a weak virus is used as a vector, it cannot be given over and over again as a carrier of the coronavirus. This is in contrast to, for example, mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer-Bionetcs or Modernas, which are easy to change and can be administered as many times as you like.

The now available viral vaccines include, in addition to AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Cansino and Janssen. They are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and easy to handle and provide. However, since the person receiving the vaccine becomes immune to the virus that is supposed to enter the coragen, it is not as resilient as other types of the vaccine. Which could be a drawback if the virus is that the vaccine is to protect against changes in the new variants – perhaps multiple times.

Vaccine expert Gunilla Karlsson-Hedestam It is believed, however, that it likely will not be necessary to make changes to the vaccine for each new virus type that arises.

Many new viral variants have common changes, so you probably don’t need to make an infinite number of vaccine variants.

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Gunilla Karlsson-Hedestam It also emphasizes that those who will now be vaccinated can feel safe taking the vaccines that care provides.

– The first vaccines are not ineffective, so if the first version is available, it is better than none – and then you can add an updated vaccine.

Hear more about the Coronavirus vaccine and virus variants at Vetenskapsradion På djupet.

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